Jessica Anderson

North KC Spine & Joint Center

"As a veteran web developer I recognize the difference between mediocre and high quality graphic design. I’ve come to rely on Guilford Creative for my web projects because of Jen’s consistently high standards, her ability to deliver fresh new creative designs, and the diverse range of her artistic talent. I particularly appreciate how she is able to capture the essence of my clients’ brand image and turn that into a truly professional design that flatters both the business and me. Her work is consistently of the highest quality and I always look forward to seeing the concepts she comes up with from which I can choose."

Lew Davison

PrismVu Illumaware

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"We needed a redesign of our website that would allow our site to grow easily while still looking nice & being user friendly. Jennifer did a great job on both objectives! We love our new site and are able to add new things & make changes easily without compromising the design of the site. Thank you, Jennifer!"

Rachel Lynn Foley

Foley Law - KC Bankruptcy

"Jennifer created our first webpage based on some rough ideas from me, and it turned out amazing. It exceeded our expectations and even today nearly 7 years later we still get compliments on how attractive and easy to use our page is. So we obviously chose her to design and build our second page. Again, with some basic ideas/desires, she was able to exceed our expectations on both design and function. Jennifer is professional, talented, and efficient to ensure the job is done right the first time. We are very pleased and highly recommend her to anyone."

Aaron Wyant

Gardner Martial Arts, Head Instructor

"Jennifer was easy to work with. Her designs were clean and sharp. When I ran into problems in the printing side she was more than generous to help make the needed adjustments. She has been wonderful!"

Fernando Borrego

Beyer Medical Group

"I've had the pleasure of working with Guilford on several projects over the years, and hope for many more projects to come. I hope everyone gets a chance to work with Jennifer, because not only is she an extremely talented designer, but she is one of the nicest people to ever grace the earth.​"

JC Holmes


"Jennifer is my go to for all of my law firm's graphic design projects. She has done all of my branding from concept to design to each piece of stationary. She is quick to respond and usually has the project turned around before I've even had a chance to think about it again. I regularly refer other businesses to her without reservation."​

Joe Jeppson

Jeppson Law Office, Owner

"Jen was awesome to work with! She knew exactly how to capture what I was looking for with our new logo. Thanks Jen, great work!!​"

Zach Wagner

Bright City Lights, Owner

"Jennifer at Guilford Creative worked patiently with us to get the website that we wanted. She did a great job and I would recommend her to anyone."​

Justin Hildebrand

KC North Spine & Joint Center

"When you are looking for someone to help bring out your personality through advertising, you want someone who gets you. If the ultimate goal is to stand out in the crowd why would you hire someone who has you "blend in" instead of "standing out"? Before I met Jennifer, every person who offered to do my website desperately wanted to change my site to conform to their notion of a lawyer website. Uniform content and the same pictures of law books and courthouses = boring, boring, boring. I was so frustrated with the lack of understanding and creativity I taught myself how to code and build a website. Once meeting Jennifer, I felt comfortable with releasing the creative reins and allowing her to do a total makeover of my logo and my website. If you know anything about attorneys, we are not real excited to give control to anyone, so turning over control is a huge deal. The result of trusting Jennifer was pure magic. My clients love the page, my potential clients find it warm and inviting and my colleagues are impressed with my new logo. This is one business decision I made and never looked back as to whether I had picked the right person to entrust the creative presence of Foley Law - KC Bankruptcy."




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