Based in (but not limited to) Mid-Missouri, Guilford Creative provides graphic & web design for a wide range of branding and marketing needs. My education and experience equips me with the arsenal I need to get the job done! I pride myself on the personal connection I make with my clients as we collaborate, creating a long-term relationship that we both can benefit from.



Guilford Creative offers a wide variety of visual communication services. 

Logo Design 

Your logo is your company’s identity, and it gets displayed EVERYWHERE. It is a visual representation of your business, and it is likely the first image that a prospect sees. People automatically connect the quality of the logo with the quality of the product or service, so don’t let their first impression be a negative one.


Brand Development/Identity

Are you ever planning on sending out a notice to your clients? Do you want to be able to leave your contact information with a potential client? Not only is branding about custom stationery for your business, but it's also all about unifying everything that you display with your name on it. Your brand becomes your identity.


Business Forms & Whitepapers

This category many times gets overlooked, but it can be the most important. Sure you want your business card and website to look good, but did you ever think about your invoices, order forms, or receipts? When you give presentations, do you have any handouts or worksheets? Does your company have an annual report? All of these and more can be custom designed to fit your brand and your personal need.


Print Design

Print Design is everywhere, and the most common form is advertising. Advertising can be as small as a brochure, and and large as a billboard. The possibilities are endless when it comes to print design. I understand that all printers are different, and I am more than willing to accommodate your printer of choice to ensure the best possible product.


Web Design

For many businesses, your website is your storefront. Just like your logo, it gives prospects their first impression of your business; make sure it’s a good one. An advantage I have over many other designers, is that I have the ability to host and build the site without the need of an outside party, saving you money and time. I can also work with you on creating other web items like social media post images, web ads, and exit pops.

Jennifer Garcia, Graphic Designer & Owner


Things you should know about me

  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Commercial Art from the University of Central Missouri (with a minor in marketing).
  • I have a full-time job at a local university. So while my turn around time at my personal business isn’t quite as fast as I’d like, I do my very best to make sure that your deadlines are met.
  • I have a wonderful 6-year-old son, a wild 2-year-old son, and a loving husband (who, let’s face it, is a child at heart).
  • I love being able to interact one-on-one with my design clients, and I love seeing my fine masterpieces in action.

Logo Design, Letterhead Design, Envelope Design, Notepads Design, Business Card Design, Brand Development, Identity Development, Brochure Design, Flyer Design, Order Form Design, Invoice Design, Worksheet Design, Handout Design, Annual Report Design, Booklet Design, Postcard Design, Infographic Design, Chart/Graph Design, Advertisement Design, Poster Design, Billboard Design, Magazine/Publication Design, Website Design, Facebook Ad Design, Web Ad/Banner Design, Social Media Post Image Design, Article Design, Map Design, Magazine Listing Ad, and more.

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