1. A designer will improve your brand.


Your brand is everything, so take care of it. Your logo is what represents you, and is your prospect’s first impression of you. People automatically associate the quality of the logo & brand with the quality of your products and/or services. Hiring a professional designer to create a quality brand will improve the perception that people have of your business.


2. You need to advertise.


In order to get your name out into the world, you’ll need to advertise, and you’ll need a designer to create the ad for you. There are many ways to advertise your message, and while most designers are familiar with multiple advertising avenues, not all of them are. So be sure to hire a designer that fits your needs. And if you are really lucky, you’ll find a graphic designer that can also help you strategize your marketing in your advertising.

Advertising can even be as simple as having a brochure printed, or just having business cards made to hand out personally. The more complex forms of advertising may be billboards, magazine ads, and even interactive web ads, but understanding how important advertising is, is the first step toward growing your business.


3. A good white paper will impress.


Have you ever handed your prospect a take-home sheet that looked like it was thrown together in Microsoft Word? Or ever passed around handouts to clients during a presentation that literally ‘soured’ their face? It must have been embarrassing to present such a poorly created white paper for such an important client or project. You must take pride in your work and show the client that they are worth more than a ‘half-assed’ document. Hiring a designer to re-work your handouts will not only impress them, but it will make you stand out against your competitors, and it builds confidence in them that they have chosen the right company for the job.


4.  It’s important to have an online presence.


Yelp business says that 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. Do you want to be on that list of online results? A designer can help you up your online presence with multiple avenues like social media pages & posts, web banners & ads, and of course the most important thing… a website! With so many consumers using the internet as their source of references, your company is really missing out on a lot of customers by not having an active website. Even a simple site is better than none at all.


5. Designers are loyal.


Once you find a designer that meets your needs and is good to work with, it’s a good idea to stay with that designer long-term in order to keep your brand consistent. Good graphic designers understand how important it is to keep your brand identity unified, so unless you ask them to do something beyond reason, they will stay with you as their designers to help you continue with that consistency. And you’ll find that the more you two work together, the better you will understand each other and the relationship will be as solid as steel.


A graphic designer would be an invaluable member of your team. Whether you hire a designer full-time, part-time, or by freelance, you’ll be doing yourself and your business a favor.

5 Reasons why a Graphic Designer will bring you more business

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